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Front-End Development Resources

This website is created by Emre Erden and brings together various resources for Front-End Development. Its purpose is to provide the best resources that can be useful for both beginners and professionals, and to facilitate the development process.

If you like this repository, you can support it by giving a star on Github.

If you want to develop and want to be seen in the "Contributors" section, you can follow the instructions below.

To Contribute:

"First of all, it is very valuable that you even think about contributing to the resources, thank you very much for that."

The following topics will be opened as "Pull Request" and "Issue" and the subject and content of the subject must be written correctly, in accordance with the document, understandable and detailed.

You can contribute to the following topics.

  • You can open a "Pull Request" to add a resource.
    (The resource must have completely Free or Free option)

  • You can open a "Pull Request" or "Issue" to fix errors or broken links in the resources.

  • If there is no suitable category for the resource you want to add, you can open "Issue".

  • You can open "Issue" for typos.

If you want to contribute to the above topics, you can follow the steps below.

  • Clone the repo.

  • Find the relevant files in the "docs" folder. (Please note the rule above.)

  • Add the resource or resources to the list by placing them at the bottom of the list in the same way as the other resources.

  • And then add yourself to the bottom of the list by following the template in the "contributors/" sections, including your social media accounts if you want to add them.

  • Open a "Pull Request" to the "main" branch.

  • After the "Pull Request" is opened, you can see your changes in the "Files Changed" section of the "Pull Request". If your changes are correct, you can send them by clicking the "Create Pull Request" button under "Pull Request".